A tension between humans and the environment has existed since the beginning of our time on Earth. As the global population continues to grow, so do our demands on the planet.

Access to affordable, abundant energy is a key enabler of improved quality of life and sustained economic prosperity. We must find a way to meet the energy needs of our growing population in a way that balances humans, technology and the environment. Eco:Logic brings together both technical and environmental perspectives to find a way to rise to this challenge.

Eco:Logic is an Idaho National Laboratory initiative supported by Energy for Humanity and Potomac Communications Group.

Balancing Energy & the Environment

We must make smart and informed energy choices as we work to balance population growth and increasing energy demand with the need to protect and sustain the planet.

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Then and Now: Quality of Life

Energy is key to quality of life. It makes clean air and water, an abundant food supply, efficient transportation and advanced health care possible. Smart energy choices will allow us to continue advancing these technologies and improving the lives of people around the world.

See how technology has improved quality of life.


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Eco:Logic is a joint venture between Idaho National Laboratory and Energy for Humanity.